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04 - Walkabout
Air Date: 10/13/2004

We are in Locke's dream as the show opens and it's moments after the crash. As his eye opens, we see the experience from his perspective. Chaos rages around him as he very cautiously looks down to his feet. We see him wiggle his big toe - Good, everything works.

Back in real time, Locke's dream is interrupted by Vincent barking. In fact, he's waking up the entire camp. He won't stop barking at the fuselage and when Jack and the others listen closely they can hear something rummaging around in there. But that can't be, everything in there is…dead. Sawyer? Nope, he's right behind Jack. When they shine a flashlight inside, two glowing eyes shine right back at them. Uh oh…

Three squealing beasts charge out of the wreckage and tear through the camp. As they disappear back into the jungle, Locke is able to determine what they are -Wild Boars. They've been attracted by the bodies that have been baking in the fuselage for the last 4 days. Something has to be done. Bury them? They wouldn't stay buried, not for long anyway. Jack makes the only call he can - The bodies have to be burned.

But, as usual, just as one problem is solved, another rears its ugly head. They're out of food. It's all gone. And just as panic begins to set in, Locke steps forward with his own brand of problem solving. They can hunt the boars. What are they supposed to hunt with? The case of knives Locke checked into the luggage compartment. "Who is this guy?"

In FLASHBACK Locke gets a cryptic phone call from someone who calls him "Colonel." Of course, he's in the military! But we soon discover that isn't true at all - Locke is just another cubicle jockey with an active imagination.

Back on the island, Michael is getting ready to go with Locke. Walt wants to come, but Michael manages to communicate with Sun well enough to convince her to watch his son until the hunting party returns. Meanwhile, Sayid has a plan to try and locate the source of the French Transmission using homemade antennas to triangulate the signal. Kate agrees to help him and tells Jack of her plan before setting off with Locke and Michael to hunt for boar. Back at the fuselage, Claire is beginning to collect the personal effects of the dead for use in a eulogy during the cremation. She asks Jack to be the one to give it, but he doesn't want the job. Claire decides to do it herself.

Boone remarks to Shannon that one of the survivors, Rose, has been sitting by herself way down the beach. He's pretty sure she hasn't eaten since the crash. When Shannon tells him to butt out, Boone reminds Shannon that she would starve without his help. She vows to show him she can take care of herself.

Deep in the jungle, Locke has found the boar trail. They're close. He sends Michael and Kate out to surround the beast, but it turns on them and charges. Michael is gored in the leg and as Kate helps him up she calls to Locke to see if he is okay. "I'm fine, Helen, I just got the wind knocked out of me." Who is Helen?

In FLASHBACK, we see Locke enjoying an intimate conversation with "Helen" over the phone. He has a surprise for her - he finally saved up the money to go to Australia and take that authentic aboriginal walkabout. And guess what? He bought two tickets. Sadly, we learn that Helen doesn't share the same feelings for Locke as he does for her.

Back on the island, Kate agrees to help Michael limp back to the beach, but Locke is determined to bring down that boar. Kate tells him he can't go out there by alone. Locke disagrees. "Don't tell me what I can't do."

Back on the beach, a hunter of another sort has found her quarry. Shannon flirts with Charlie and mentions how much she would like a fish. Charlie is only too happy to catch her one…as soon as he can learn how to from Hurley.

Jack has made his way over to Rose and tries to get her to open up to him. After some time, she does and tells him that, even though he has not been found, she believes her husband, Bernard is still alive. She agrees to rejoin the others. Meanwhile, back at the fuselage, Claire has found an envelope with Sayid's name on it. He opens it and we find a woman's picture inside. Sayid can't seem to take his eyes off her.

On the way back to the beach, Kate stops to climb a tree and attach the antenna. But when she is up there, she sees the monster knocking down trees in the distance and drops the antenna, breaking it. And the monster…is heading straight for Locke.

On the beach, Sun is teaching Walt about natural substitutes for toothpaste when Michael and Kate return. The others learn that the hunt was unsuccessful and worse still, that Locke is probably dead.

When Jack is making the final preparations to the fuselage, he sees something - wait -someone, off in the forest. When he chases after him, he runs smack into Locke, who has somehow managed to survive his run in with the monster. And that's not all - he brought back a boar with him.

As night falls, the fuselage is ignited and the names of the dead are read in memorial to them. Michael congratulates Locke on the hunt and asks him if he got a look at the monster. Locke tells him he didn't see anything.

But as we get one more glimpse into his past, we learn that Locke is keeping a secret - one that must be seen to be believed.

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