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LOST: Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot: Part 1
22 September 2004
48 survivors of flight 815 land in an island full of secrets, as they become to learn. The first the on the island is full of monsters, countdowns, screams, stories of the past and the love story becoming between Jack, the hero-doctor, and Kate, a mysterious young woman.

Episode 2: Pilot: Part 2
29 September 2004
As Jack, Kate and Charlie return from their little "trip", Sayid is trying to fix the radio. He goes together with Kate, Boone, Sawyer, Shannon and Charlie to find a high place so the radio will work- and in the way they have a meeting with a little island "magic" being. Meanwhile, back at beach, Jack tries to help the US marshal, and some more secrets are revealed... Some who include drugs and cuffs...

Episode 3: Tabula Rasa
6 October 2004
The ones who had heard the french transmission decide to keep it a secret from the other castaways. Meanwhile, back at beach, Jack and Hurley find an incriminating paper about Kate. Michael is disturbed by the friendship becoming between Locke and his son Walt.

Episode 4: Walkabout
13 October 2004
The survivors find that they do not have any food and John Locke organizes a peccary hunting with Kate Austen and Michael Dawson. Sayid Jarrah builds some antennas, trying to locate the source of transmission of the distress signal, and Kate offers to install them. Jack decides to burn the bodies since they are attracting wild animals to the survivor's base.

Episode 5: White Rabbit
20 October 2004
Jack sees his father on the island, and goes searching after him- and after a source of water. back at beach, Claire faints and the few bottles of water that were left are gone. Who took them? Sawyer? Jin?

Episode 6: House of the Rising Sun
27 October 2004
The survivors can't get away from troubles!!! As Jin attacks Micheal with no reason, another secret is revealed - this time, it's Sun's time. Meanwhile, Jack goes with Kate, Locke and Charlie to the water source, and comes up with an idea: to move all the castaways into the caves. Now, it's up to Jack and Sawyer to convince Kate to move into their side... and Locke finds out about Charlie's secret.

Episode 7: The Moth
3 November 2004
Charlie is without is drugs now, and tries to deal with it. When he and Jack fight in a cave, it falls apart and Charlie gets away- but Jack is buried inside the cave. While the castaways try rescue Jack, Sayid goes with Kate and Sawyer to find from where the French transition is coming...

Episode 8: Confidence Man
10 November 2004
Shannon his having an asthma attack, and Boone is sure that Sawyer has her medications- but he won't give it. As Kate's way to deal with this situation doesn't work, Sayid takes things into his own hands... and IT WILL NOT end good.

Episode 9: Solitary
17 November 2004
Sayid goes out to find something on the island- and he sure do. His meeting with a familiar woman makes him think again about his past, and about his love Nadia. Meanwhile, back at shore, Hurley wants to make the life on island a little more good- and he has for help a golf bag...

Episode 10: Raised by Another
1 December 2004
Claire is attacked at night, but Jack thinks she's illusinating (as a result of stress-pregnancy). Hurley decides it's a good idea to find out who are the people on the island- and he discovers something weird looking at the manifest. Sayid returns from his little trip, and together, those three stories, become into ONE BIG SURPRISE.

Episode 11: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
8 December 2004
Jack, Kate, Locke and Boone go after Ethan, Claire and Charlie. They separate, and while Jack and Kate confront Ethan, Locke and Boon find another mystery at the jungle. Flashbacks reveal more about Jack's past with his dad.

Episode 12: Whatever the Case May Be
5 January 2005
Jack, Kate and Sawyer fight over possession of a newly discovered locked metal briefcase which might contain insights into Kate's mysterious past. Meanwhile, Sayid asks a reluctant Shannon to translate notes he took from the French woman, a rising tide threatens to engulf the fuselage and the entire beach encampment, and Rose and a grieving Charlie tentatively bond over Claire's baffling disappearance.

Episode 13: Hearts and Minds
12 January 2005
Boone Carlyle is jealous of Sayid Jarrah, because he is close to his sister Shannon Rutherford. Boone tells John Locke that he wants to reveal the secret about the hatch in the woods to Shannon. Locke hits Boone, heals his head with a medicine and fastens him with a rope in a tree, living him alone in the forest. Boone recalls his complicated relationship with Shannon, while trying to rescue her from the forest.

Episode 14: Special
19 January 2005
Michael finds Locke teaching Walt how to use a knife. He bans Walt from going near Locke. Walt runs away and is trapped by a polar bear, which causes Michael and Locke to team up to save him. Flashbacks show Michael dealing with Susan (Walt's mom) leaving him and taking Walt.

Episode 15: Homecoming
9 February 2005
After the missing Claire returns with no recollection of what has happened since before the doomed flight of Oceanic 815, Jack and Locke formulate a plan of defense against her kidnapper, the mysterious Ethan, who threatens to kill off the other survivors unless Claire is returned to him.

Episode 16: Outlaws
16 February 2005
Kate and Sawyer divulge dark secrets to each other while tracking a renegade boar that Sawyer swears is purposely harassing him. Meanwhile, Hurley and Sayid worry that Charlie is losing it after his brush with death, and a shocking, prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed.

Episode 17: ... in Translation
23 February 2005
When the raft the survivors have been building mysteriously burns down, Michael is convinced that Jin is responsible for the sabotage, which only further escalates their rivalry. Meanwhile, Sun stuns her fellow survivors with a surprising revelation, and Boone gives Sayid a warning about Shannon.

Episode 18: Numbers
2 March 2005
When Hurley becomes obsessed with the French woman and heads into the jungle to find her, Jack, Sayid and Charlie have no choice but to follow. Meanwhile, Locke asks Claire to help build a mysterious item.

Episode 19: Deus Ex Machina
30 March 2005
Locke begins to suffer physical difficulties as he and Boone try to find a way into the hatch; Jack is reluctant to offer assistance when Sawyer begins to experience excruciating headaches.

Episode 20: Do No Harm
6 April 2005
Claire goes into labor while a helpless Charlie goes into panic mode. Meanwhile Locke is missing, Jack tends to a wounded survivor and Sayid presents Shannon with a romantic surprise.

Episode 21: The Greater Good
4 May 2005
After burying one of their own, tempers flare as the castaways' suspicions of each other grow -- and an unlikely survivor vows revenge. Meanwhile, Claire and Charlie struggle to calm her newborn.

Episode 22: Born to Run
11 May 2005
Jack suspects foul play when Michael becomes violently ill while building the raft. Meanwhile a secret from Kate's past is revealed, the mysterious hatch is shown to a few of the survivors, and Walt gives Locke a warning.

Episode 23: Exodus: Part 1
18 May 2005
(Part I of II) The French woman -- Rousseau -- shocks the survivors by showing up with a dire warning about "the others." Meanwhile, Michael and Jin ready the raft for sailing.

Episode 24: Exodus: Part 2
25 May 2005
(Part II of II) The castaways on the raft are surprised at sea by something unexpected. Meanwhile, remaining islanders attempt to blow open the hatch, and a visitor to the encampment might be a threat to Claire's infant son.

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