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LOST: Season 1

Episode 1: Man of Science, Man of Faith
21 September 2005
One of the castaways is chosen to descend into the mysterious hatch, and Shannon stumbles upon a shockingly familiar face in the jungle.

Episode 2: Adrift
28 September 2005
With the abduction of Walt fresh on their minds and their raft destroyed, Michael, Sawyer and Jin fight for their lives and discover a new predator in the roiling ocean. Meanwhile on land, Locke must descend into the hatch when one castaway goes missing inside.

Episode 3: Orientation
5 October 2005
Jack, Locke and Kate learn more secrets about the hatch. Meanwhile, after being beaten and taken captive, Sawyer, Michael and Jin wonder if their captors are fellow survivors or the dreaded "Others."

Episode 4: Everybody Hates Hugo
12 October 2005
Disturbing memories from Hurley's past cause him to struggle with a task he's assigned inside the hatch. Meanwhile Sawyer, Michael and Jin discover the identities of their captors, and Claire uncovers a shocking piece of information about the fate of the raft.

Episode 5: ...And Found
19 October 2005
Michael sets off into the jungle by himself determined to find Walt, but discovers that he is not alone. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Jin are ordered by their captors to take them to their camp, and Sun frantically searches for her missing wedding ring.

Episode 6: Abandoned
9 November 2005
Sawyer's wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt, and Charlie becomes jealous of Locke's interest in Claire.

Episode 7: The Other 48 Days
16 November 2005
The harrowing first 48 days in the lives of the tail section survivors are revealed.

Episode 8: Collision
23 November 2005
Tempers flare when Ana Lucia and her group stumble upon Sayid and the other castaways.

Episode 9: What Kate Did
30 November 2005
Kate's original crime that started her life on the run is revealed. Meanwhile, the survivors lay one of their own to rest, Kate sleeplessly watches over a feverish Sawyer, and Mr. Eko has a surprise for Locke regarding the hatch.

Episode 10: The 23rd Psalm
11 January 2006
Mr. Eko interrogates Charlie about the Virgin Mary statue, Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie when she discovers his secret, and Jack is an interested observer when Kate gives the recovering Sawyer a much-needed haircut.

Episode 11: The Hunting Party
18 January 2006
Jack, Locke and Sawyer follow Michael who left to look for his son. They meet "the others". More is shown about Jack's back-story.

Episode 12: Fire + Water
25 January 2006
When Charlie's vividly surreal dreams lead him to believe Claire's baby, Aaron, is in danger, Locke suspects Charlie may be using again. Meanwhile, Sawyer encourages Hurley to act on his attraction to Libby.

Episode 13: The Long Con
8 February 2006
Survivors fear that "The Others" may have returned when Sun is injured during a failed kidnapping attempt. Meanwhile, Sawyer is an amused but highly interested bystander when tension escalates between Jack, Locke, Kate and Ana Lucia.

Episode 14: One of Them
15 February 2006
Danielle returns to lead Sayid to a mysterious captive. Meanwhile, Sawyer is being harassed yet again by another island animal.

Episode 15: Maternity Leave
1 March 2006
The flashback concerns Claire and her experience among the Others, and her ordeals concerning her baby. A new possible guest star is introduced as well who may be Alexandra, Danielle's daughter.

Episode 16: The Whole Truth
22 March 2006
Sun comes to the realization that she might be pregnant; she struggles on whether to tell Jin about the situation. After no success from Jack or Sayid, Ana-Lucia is called in by Locke to interrogate the prisoner, Henry Gale, to get more information out of him about how he arrived on the island. Ana-Lucia, Sayid and Charlie then set out into the jungle to try and confirm Henry's story.

Episode 17: Lockdown
29 March 2006
When the hatch suddenly takes on a life of its own, Locke is forced to enlist the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go off into the jungle to find out the truth about Henry.

Episode 18: Dave
5 April 2006
Hurley begins to think the island is affecting him in a very strange way, so Libby attempts to offer him support. Meanwhile, the prisoner offers new information about the Hatch, which severely shakes Locke's sense of purpose.

Episode 19: S.O.S.
12 April 2006
Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a "trade" with "The Others"; and Locke begins to question his faith in the island.

Episode 20: Two for the Road
3 May 2006
This episode marks the return of Christian Shepherd and Zeke.

Episode 21: ?
10 May 2006
Locke and Eko set out to find the "?" on the hatch diagram Locke centric

Episode 22: Three Minutes
17 May 2006
A determined Michael convinces Jack and several castaways to help him rescue Walt from "The Others." Meanwhile, Charlie struggles with Eko's decision to discontinue building the church.

Episode 23 & 24: Live Together, Die Alone: Part 1
24 May 2006
Desmond returns and we delve into his own mysterious past. We learn how he came to be on the island and live inside the Hatch, and of a connection he has to another of the survivors.

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