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Maggie Grace

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Birthday: 9-21-1983

Having only started acting professionally about five years ago, Maggie Grace already has an enviable list of credits.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Grace made her television debut three years ago as Martha Moxley in the telefilm "Murder in Greenwich." She also starred in the tv movie "12 Mile Road," with Tom Selleck. She has guest-starred on "Law & Order: SVU," "Cold Case," "Lyon's Den" and "CSI: Miami."

Maggie attained star status when she was cast as rich-girl Shannon Rutherford on the series "LOST." This helped her land a lead role in the ill-advised remake of John Carpenter's "The Fog."

Most recently, she recently purchased a home in Hawaii, near the set of "LOST." She is very good friends with her "LOST" co-star Josh Holloway and his wife Yessica.

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