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Michelle Rodriguez

Current TV Role: Liz Ricarro on Immortal Grand Prix
Birthplace: Bexar Country, Texas, USA
Birthday: 7-12-1978

Currently starring as the leader of the “tailies” in the hit ABC drama “LOST,” Michelle is known for tough-girl roles. Her biggest role prior to “LOST” was as a street-smart boxer in the movie “Girlfight.” She also starred in “The Fast and the Furious” with Paul Walker and the thriller “Resident Evil.” Born in Bexar County, Texas, Michelle always knew she wanted to become an actress. Her family moved around a lot, making stops in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico before ending up in Jersey City, New Jersey. Fans only hope that Michelle can get her personal life together so as not to ruin the potential brilliant career she may have. In November 2005, she was pulled over and issued her third DUI in the last few years. Her case goes to court in December. There has been no public statement as to whether she will be cut from the cast of “LOST.”

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